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Ben Mulder

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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Ben Mulder

Inland Region Area Director

Ben came to FCA from high school sports where he served as a school Athletic Director and Athletic Trainer. He was content to stay in that role until the Holy Spirit came calling during a football evangelism trip to the Ukraine in 2002. Ben felt the call into athletic ministry and after some searching found FCA.

Ben came on staff with FCA in the Inland Empire in 2004 and began trying to build a ministry where it had never existed. There were many victories in campus ministry with FCA for 5 years. Unfortunately, as many others in ministry experienced, there was a loss in 2009. The economic downturn resulted in Ben leaving the FCA staff for a year as he wrestled with what God was calling him to do. After a retreat in the fall of 2009, Ben and Becky began asking God to show them where he was working and allow them to join Him there. Immediately the phone began ringing and they began to experience God in a new and amazing way.

Ben and Becky met in college and were married a year later during semester break. Becky began teaching while Ben finished getting his degree in History and fulfilling his dream of playing college basketball. A freak knee injury ended his desire to play professionally but began the adventure that would lead them to California and to FCA.

The Mulders have 3 children, Brandon and his wife Ginger, parents of Jenna and Rooney, Sarah and her husband Doug Huibregtse, and their son Benjamin, and Travis, their youngest. There is one other child the Mulders call son, Ryan Kim, who came into their life a few years ago. Ryan and his wife Tiffany and their son Hudson live in Saginaw, Michigan.

Ben’s ministry confirming scripture can be found in Romans 10:13-15. Please pray for the Mulders as they continue to spread the good news of Jesus Christ in the Inland Empire.